OmniTrade is the Leveraged DeFi trading platform within the OmniDex suite of products.

Leveraged Trading is a popular form of derivative trading that enables investors to speculate on the price movements of blue-chip crypto assets, such as BTC, ETH, TLOS, USDC and USDT without owning the underlying asset.

OmniTrade is margin-based, allowing traders to deposit a set percentage of the full value of a trade in order to offer greater exposure to the markets as compared to buying and holding the underlying asset. Trading with margin (or leverage) therefore amplifies both profits and losses equally.

With Leveraged Trading

  • You don’t own the underlying asset; instead, you speculate on the direction you think the market will go

  • You can trade on both sides of the market and go long (‘buy’) or short (‘sell’) depending on your view

  • You only need to deposit a percentage of the full trade value and can select the degree of leverage that you wish to take for each position. This offers greater exposure to the markets compared with traditional investing.

  • Your profits and losses are amplified based on the full value of the trade, so if you invest $100 with a 5x leverage then, when the price of the underlying asset rises by $4 your gross trading profit will be $20, however if the price of the underlying asset falls by $4 then your trading collateral will be reduced to $80.

  • Provided that you have sufficient underlying collateral, you can maintain your position for as long or short a period as you wish.

  • Trading strategies range from scalping, which is a very short-term form of trading, through to a much longer-term investment positions.

  • Triggers can be used to manage risk by allowing you to take profit at a predefined level or to minimise losses if the price moves in the wrong direction. However, for technical reasons triggers are not guaranteed to operate and should not be the only risk management strategy that is employed

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