Portfolio Management

OmniDex Portfolio provides a one-stop portal were users can view and manage all of their OmniDex assets in one place. This unique interface brings together investment information from across the OmniDex ecosystem and provides comprehensive overview of a users holdings.

The users portfolio can be displayed either as a single unified set of holdings or split by investment type: Wallet, Lending, Farming, Staking Pools and Trading (future). This enables users to see, at a glance how their tokens are being used and helps guide future investment decisions.

The Portfolio provides details for all tokens that are active within the OmniDex ecosystem as well as a number of other selected tokens.

Users can access their portfolio by choosing the 'Portfolio' button from the main menu

Unified Portfolio View

The unified portfolio view is the default view when users first access the portfolio page. Users can swap between the unified Portfolio view and the Investment type view by selecting the appropriate option box at the top of the page.

The portfolio content is initially shown in a summary view however the expanded, detail view can be shown by clicking the 'Detail' selector in the centre of the row.

Investment View

The investment view shows the assets by investment type. Wallet, Lending, Farming, Pools and Trading (future). If a user does not have any tokens in a given investment type then that type will not be shown.

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