Lending FAQs

Why can’t I connect to OmniLend?

  • Make sure to select the correct network (Telos EVM Mainnet). This is normally done through a selection on your wallet provider

  • If you are using a Ledger wallet, make sure that you have enabled contract data. This can be done through the settings section of the Ethereum application on the Ledger device

  • If you suspect that the issue may be due to the browser that you are using, the following actions may help:

    • Clearing cache data and cookies for the site

    • Close down and restart the browser

    • Try a different browser

    • Check if there are any updates for your browser or wallet provider. If so, update it to the latest version

  • Make sure your internet connection is working and stable·

Why do my transactions keep failing?

  • Make sure that you have enough Telos in your wallet to cover the transaction charges

  • Make sure that the gas settings are set sufficiently high in your wallet

  • If you are using Metamask and a transaction gets stuck, you may need to close down and reopen your browser. This can sometimes be avoided by waiting for one transaction to complete before initiating another

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