FAQ & Troubleshooting

First Steps

What do I do if I have a problem with MetaMask (MM)? If it seems like Metamask may be having a problem. One (or a combination of many) of the following steps should fix it.

1. Change tEVM network then back and refresh the page

2. Clear all pending transactions on the swap page and refresh the page

3. Disable MetaMask plugin then re-enable, refresh the page

4. Restart your browser

5. In MetaMask go to Settings->Advanced->Reset Account

6. Reboot your computer Alternatively, you can try those tips that worked a few times for other users

* Install a different browser (Ex: Firefox) with Metamask

* Try Metamask on mobile

* Change the RPC Node if you are on tEVM within Metamask for : https://rpc1.us.telos.net/evm or https://rpc1.eu.telos.net/evm

Caution: DO NOT uninstall Metamask unless you have a backup of your private key and / or seed phrase (12 or 24 words)

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