Partnership Staking

Stake KARMA earn Partnership tokens!

From time to time OmniDex works with partners to reward investors with alternative protocol tokens. When available these pools allow users to stake Charm and earn a variety of different tokens during the incentive period. Each pool will offer slightly different rewards, will run for different durations, and will have different staking limits so keep a lookout for new upcoming opportunities!

How to stake in a Partnership Pool.

To stake in a partnership pool, you will first need to get yourself some KARMA. You can get Karma by depositing CHARM in the CHARM-KARMA pool features on a dedicated page within the OmniDex.Finance application and can be accessed through the ‘Earn’ menu item and ‘Karma’. More info about KARMA can be found on this page here

Once you have some KARMA you will be able to stake it in one of our partnership pools to earn new and exciting tokens! When KARMA is staked in a partner pool, it will earn both the new pool reward token as well as continuing to earn APR and fee rewards from the main CHARM-KARMA staking pool.

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