Buying & Selling OLP

Investors can provide liquidity and receive a share of the Leverage Trading and Zero Slippage Swap fees by depositing blue-chip tokens, USDC,USDT,BTC, ETH or TLOS in return for OLP tokens. OLP tokens can purchased through the OLP Liquidity page.

The price of OLP is determined by the aggregate value of all tokens in the liquidity pool after allowing for all current profits and losses from open trades.

To purchase or sell OLP follow these steps.

  1. First go to the OLP Liquidity page.

  2. Select whether you wish to buy or sell OLP. In order to buy you will need to provide an amount of one of the blue-chip tokens. If selling you can elect to receive your funds in any of the same blue-chip tokens, USDC,USDT,BTC, ETH or TLOS.

  3. After entering entering either an amount either an amount that you wish to pay or an amount that you wish to receive, the other data entry box will be populated automatically

  4. Depending on the assets being transacted a transaction fee will be displayed below the data entry box. This fee has two key purposes

    • To prevent the buying and selling of OLP being used to achieve achieve zero swap fees

    • To incentivise the optimal token ratios within the OLP pool. If the transaction improves the composition ratios then the fees will be lower and conversely if the transaction drives a deterioration in the composition ratio then the fee will be higher. More information on OLP Rebalancing can be found here.

  5. Once the amounts data entry boxes have been filled the current rates fees available for each token type are displayed in the table at the bottom of the OLP page. Investors may be able to get a more favourable fee by depositing different assets into the pool.

  6. Once you are happy with the amounts and fees the transaction can be completed by pressing the Buy or Sell button

  7. After buying OLP your tokens will be automatically staked so that you will start earning fees and Escrowed CHARM rewards

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