The classic AMM swaps relies on investors creating pools of tokens where users can swap one token for another. Each pool consists of two different tokens and is called a liquidity pool pair.

By adding liquidity, investors put an equal value of 2 tokens to make LP tokens. In return for this service, Liquidity providers receive trading fees for their share of that LP trading pair. In addition to this, users can also stake their LP tokens in Farms to increase their income by earning CHARM!


  • MetaMask wallet

  • TLOS for gas, find out how to get TLOS here

Steps 1. Connect your wallet, make sure that it is on Telos chain

2. Go to the Liquidity page and click​ "Add Liquidity"

3. Next, click "Select Token" to choose which tokens you'd like to add.

4. Choose a token from the list. If it is not on the list, you can search for its address and add it to the list

5. Select the second token

6. Enter the amount you'd like, you can also click on "MAX" to max out. The other token amount will automatically adjust to the same value in USD.

7. When you're happy with the amount, then click "Supply" and your wallet will ask you to confirm. If this is your first time making LP tokens with the ingredients, click "Enable" for both tokens. This may take a few seconds to update from your wallet. Click "Supply" after it becomes enabled.

8. A confirmation window will then be shown, once you are happy, click "Confirm Supply" then confirm the transaction in your wallet.

9. When your Supply request has been sent to TLOSscan, a confirmation screen will show up. You can then add your LP tokens to Metamask

10. Congratulations, you have now deposited liquidity and will now start earning trading fees! You can now see your deposited LP tokens displayed on your Liquidity dashboard.

Next up we will be covering how you can Farm your LP tokens to earn CHARM rewards!

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