Bridge using ELK

Bridging on Elk

1. Go to the exchange page here.

2. Connect your Metamask wallet.

3. Swap tokens you'd like to transfer for the ELK token using the “Swap” tab.

5. Navigate to the "ElkNet" page. You will find this button in the navigation panel at the top of the site.

6. Enter the amount of Elk you would like to transfer. if you are transferring to a new chain where you do not have any of the native gas token, make sure to swap 1 Elk for gas so you can trade your tokens on the network you are bridging to!

7. If this is your first time using Elk, you will have to click the "Approve" button before transferring your tokens.

8. From the drop-down choose the network you wish to transfer your tokens to.

9. Transfers advance from “Initiating” to “Processing” to “Complete.” When the transfer is complete, connect your wallet to the destination chain and refresh the Elk dApp to see your ELK.

If you need to add a new chain to your wallet, you can search for the chain at and add it with one click.

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