CHARM Staking

CHARM is the OmniDex protocol token. Investors who purchase or earn CHARM are able to stake this in order to receive a share of the protocol fees and other rewards.

CHARM can be staked via the 'CHARM' Console on the Earn Page

By staking CHARM holders can benefit from:


Fee Rewards

OmniDex allocates 30% of the net fee revenue from Trading to the CHARM and esCHARM staking investors. These rewards are paid out in TLOS and Investors earn at a rate that is in direct proportion to their overall holding:

The current TLOS rewards APR rate can be viewed by hovering over the APR rate in the 'CHARM' or the 'esCHARM' console on the Earn Page

Escrowed Charm Rewards

Staking investors also receive additional rewards in the form of the time-vesting reward token esCHARM. Escrowed CHARM is paid out in direct proportion to the investors overall staked holding.

The reward rates and distribution of esCHARM will be evaluated every month an may change in line with the overall OmniDex strategic objectives. Any changes will be announced through the OmniDex social media channels at least 7 days prior to implementation.

The current esCHARM APR can be viewed by hovering over the APR rate for CHARM or esCHARM staking on the Earn Page and further information on the utility of esCHARM can be found here

Multiplier Points

Multiplier Points are used to reward long-term holders of the CHARM token by boosting the amount of TLOS fee rewards that they received from the trading platform.

Multiplier points are automatically awarded every second at a fixed rate of 100% APR based on the amount of CHARM that a user has staked. This means that if an investor stakes 1000 CHARM for one year they would earn 1000 Multiplier Points.

The current user balance of Multiplier Points can be viewed in the 'Total Rewards' console of the Earn Page.


Investors can withdraw funds from staking at any time however, before unstaking they should consider the following impacts:

  • Unstaking of tokens that have been reserved for the vesting of esCHARM will pause the vesting process. More information on vesting esCHARM can be found here

  • Unstaking of will reduce the number of Multiplier Points allocated to the account and thus the overall investment return. More information on how Multiplier Points work can be found here

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