About OmniDex

Origin Story

The vision for OmniDex was set out in December 2021 by members of the Telos community. The mission was to create a native Decentralised Financial trading platform to serve the needs of the Telos community. Omnidex has been created to serve this rapidly growing community and has continued to innovate and add new functionality since inception. OmniDex is now one of the most fully featured financial trading platforms in the DeFi space.

The Journey So Far

Since the founding of OmniDex in January 2022 the team has built an broad array of complementary services:

  • Jan 22 - OmniDex: Classic AMM Exchange

  • March 22 - KARMA: Interest bearing rewards

  • April 22 - OmniLend: Decentralised, non-custodial lending

  • Dec 22 - OmniDexBP: Democratizing the distribution of rewards from block production

  • Feb 22 - OmniDex Portfolio: one-stop portal for managing OmniDex assets

  • May 22 - OmniTrade Leveraged DeFi trading and zero slippage swaps

and this is just the start of the journey!

Brand Values

What does OmniDex stand for?

  • Integrity, security, and speed

  • Driven by the community for the community

  • User first, simple, and accessible to all.


We aim to democratize access to financial services and aim for OmniDex to become the preferred platform for DeFi.

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