How to get Telos

OmniDex uses TLOS to pay for gas fees incurred by making transactions on the Telos EVM. TLOS can be purchased in a number of ways:

  • If you do not have any crypto assets yet then use a centralised exchange such as KuCoin,, MEXC or Probit

  • If you have crypto assets on a different blockchain network (eg Ethereum or Binance) then you can transfer them onto the Telos EVM via a bridge. Network bridging to Telos EVM is available through Elkswap as well as a number of other cross-chain providers.

on the web-wallet or through one of the official portals listed on You can also bridge your TLOS from other chains using AnySwap or Elk.Finance.

Option 1: Deposit Telos from Telos Native Account:

Read the official Telos instructions for depositing from Telos Native. Get Started

Option 2: Withdrawing TLOS from exchanges to any EVM address:

Read the official Telos instructions for depositing from partner Exchanges.

Option 3: Bridge Telos from other EVM chains

Elk provides a quick and easy way to bridge your tokens from across 15 different chains.

pageBridge using ELK

Multichain is great for bridging large amounts.

pageBridge using Multichain

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